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Hair Extensions In Corpus Christi , TX

Since the beginning of time, women have the care of the hair. Since the most popular of the year 2005, Hair Extensions 4000-300 BC Egyptian women and men with different wigs and hairstyles expensive. Hair is one of the factors that contribute to confidence and serenity. Our culture of identify femininity with a thick, shiny head of hair. Images of the body, shiny hair is a synonym for female attributes, sexuality, violence and opportunities. Lose weight, dry, lusterless hair is disease, old age and poverty.

Each generation by a growing number of transformations hats on trends and hairstyles. The big Hair Style trend these days is expanding rapidly in Europe and has just begun in the United States. And "the tendency of Hair Extensions. Hair extension with the installation of human hair or synthetic hair to your existing in developing a holistic approach and look away. Instant Hair Extensions can body, the length of your eye and can also help with hair and dilution situations of hair loss.

There are several methods for hair extension on the market today, some good, some are not as well. Mark Sharp, co-founder and Creative Director Mark Glenn Hair Accessories in London, England and Glenn Kinsey, co-founder and CEO was not revolutionary in the development of a method of hair extension of the fiber, which not not only damage the hair but the course may also be a condition for the hair. You have the lives of women suffering from various degrees of hair loss by conditions such as hair loss, Trichotillomania, genetic factors, stress and post-operative trauma.

Extensions by Mark Glenn, generally known as MG-extensions, do not use glues, bonding solutions, the son, of land, injections, and nothing is locked to the head. They are connected by an excellent braid. A small portion of hair is divided in two. The fiber hair is also two for the fabric and, finally, is wrapped around the base for the hair to protect it. The fiber is then "locked himself" with a heat tool (no warmer than a couple of typical crimping or curling of cool). This creates a small attached plastic. It is important to note that during this process, your hair is safe "security" in the fiber, so they are not in direct contact with the heat. Therefore, your hair still in perfect condition. For problems or dilution of hair loss, extensions are allergic and non-woven mesh of fibers of hair is the Web, for the look.

Glenn Kinsey of Mark Glenn Hair extension is for us a question and answer meeting, his hair fibers.

Welcome Glenn and thank you for participating with us today! There are some questions for you on your beautiful hair.

Question: I understand that Mark and they already have human hair extensions. Why change of synthetic fibers, extensions?
Answer: Several reasons:

1. Weight - human hair is twice the weight of the fiber and is therefore of the view, "serious" in the header - the worst, is the increase of weight and load of hair can have the effect that "the 'traction alopecia ". In addition, your hair is porous - it takes the water - significantly more weight, if wet.

2. Pelote - more than human hair "boring" and "confusion" - because the surface of the hair is little "thorns" on it, as the tiles under the microscope. Given that these "foreigners" is not the hair, with natural oils, the condition of your hair, "spines" tend to stick with labyrinth and other hair on the head. Therefore, you have very intense conditioning for the hair in good condition. Fiber, however, has a smooth surface and are therefore less entangled.

3. Glue - human hair extensions are usually with glue and the city with acetone - a recipe for the damage, the results we have regularly in our study. Our method does not use chemicals.

4. Color Match - a general rule, a hairdresser Swatch customers hair and send it to the provider of a human hair, and then select the next color of a certain area. We have a mixture of hair color with the client before us - taking into account the subtle variations of color in her hair - a perfect Thursday

5. Etica - c'è una grande quantità di che le origini circonda Mistero di capelli used estensione ed è molto difficile esatta monitor the origin. A common source for the quality of hair of women of Russian prisoners, for example

6. Look and Feel - fiber sees and feels like hair, but is very gentle for the hair and is much easier to care for and style.

Question: What percentage of your customers for problems of hair fall hair fashion?
Answer: The breakdown is about 50/50

Question: You have your own branded products method (MG-Extensions) for the application of fiberglass extensions. What is your method for about one compared to other methods? Remember your patent application method?
Answer: We have an example of a technology for working women, hair loss, for customers to come from around the world. For the purpose of fashion, we combined different methods of single and complete our adjustments, for a technique that a wonderful view

Question: Why do you feel that the fibers are hair extensions to Superior? Apply hair with your method, if a client really preferred human hair?
Answer: See above. In addition to a metal clip and a clip (which is great fun through airport metal detectors and very uncomfortable, if you place the head on a pillow!) The only way to make the hair with glue.

Question: What is the training and development of stylists do MG extensions involved?
Reaction of working in teams of two people - a "lead" and "Help". Team members at the beginning of "pleasure" and then, after about 12 to 24 months, progress up to a pipe. "Tracks" are those who are directly working. Our training is very intensive and "on the job, members of the team, to confuse the diversity of styles and techniques, as well as different types of hair loss you.

Question: What are the legal requirements in England for a hair extension?
Answer: Unfortunately, there are specific requirements for the extension of normal hair on a hair salon.

Question: What are the minimum requirements for someone wants hair? Length of hair? Stable hair loss? Do you have customers for the hair, and why?
Answer: We have hijacked customers, regardless of how they want hair, if we do not believe is happening, sensational! To work in the fashion sector, the main reason is the length of hair - for best results, clients hair must be at least 4 to 6 inches long. This is necessary because the hair to hide, if the extensions are attached. For our customers, with the hair loss, there are a variety of reasons, too little for the hair, hair loss, the "stabilized".

Question: There are some hair extensionists that do not you, the fiber extensions because of esthetic reasons. Can you describe the quality of the hair fiber, where she was and why the recommendation is not valid?
Answer: We use only beautiful to the hand, the fiber is not to identify what aspect of reality, emotion and behavior. It is more expensive than a few hairs! Cheap fiber is really terrible, like a "Barbie doll" hair. To the extensions only bad news - we are proud of the fact that, in general, no one would suspect, our clients have extensions and we have many famous clients, that in some cases, the media have not notice that her hair is not!

Question: You mention on your site, as extensions not damage the hair fiber and can also be a condition for your hair. Can you explain how can the state of hair?
Answer: First, we do not use chemicals. Secondly, your hair is "safety" and further to protect and continue to develop as normal. Third, if the extensions are removed, but only the hair of film, so no dirt or chaos. Since the hair has been protected in this way more than a few months, the condition of hair, often improved.

Question: What is the maintenance of the fashion and hair loss, fiber extensions? What if I do not have the maintenance program?
Answer: For fashion, you must remove the extensions of three months or they have removed and replaced. First, extensions are at the base of the hair. However, the hair grows about one-half inch per month, so that improvements are beginning to grow their hair. If you do not have more than 3 months, the risk exists that the new hair before enlargement can be dull and confused, and in the worst case, dreadlocks. For hair loss, the technique, the use that clients come to us every six weeks for similar reasons - the "mesh" can start to feel a little loose, so after more than 6 weeks.

Question: If someone very thick hair and I would just like to extend, it is not sufficient for extensions at the ends of hair, rather than the root?

Answer: Why do you have a "bump" in which the extension is attached.

Question: Can you deal with extensions such as the fiber of your hair? Ie, shampoo, air conditioning, curling, brushes, etc.

Answer: Yes - wash it's normal, blow dry, curl brush condition - than reality. And because the fiber is non-porous, it should not be too expensive hair products, such as air conditioning, because they have no influence on the expansion itself hair. The only thing you have to avoid is direct, for example, heat hot iron machines sustainable roles, etc, etc, are in order.

Question: Are there any restrictions? May color or perm fiber extensions?
Answer: You can not perm the extensions, but not necessary - you can achieve the same look with roles, for example. The color does not affect the extension hair, again, as it is not porous. This is ideal for customers who still use their "roots" of knowledge, that the color does not affect the extension hair.

Question: In one year, which is a characteristic Fashion customers to pay for hair and fiber extensions, including maintenance? Most costs related to costs for materials or work?
Answer: Costs vary from one head to head and style to style. There are two people, a customer on the head at the same time, costs, especially those based on the amount of time for each client. On average, a client would pay around £ 1500.00 per year and a hair loss client, around twice as much. And remember you do not need a hairdresser, because we take care of everything during the appointment.

Question: Your hair loss fiber extensions for the financing of health insurance in England. Did you go through a certification for this funding? I am one of your clients outside England pays the health plans in their country?
Answer: Because of how the health system in the United Kingdom (by the government), that much depends on the position of local health authorities, not only using a "test". Some health authorities are satisfied for the financing of their patients, while others are not, prefer the more economical option, wigs. We even have someone from outside the United Kingdom, for health insurance funds, etc.

Question: There is no training plans for designers outside of the show and other shows in the world can offer MG extensions?
Answer: Not at this time, even if it's something that can be taken into account in the future.

Q: Are there any serious salons in the United States, we recommend?
Answer: Like most techniques have been developed in house and therefore for us, it is unlikely that no one on the ground, things are not quite the same way. The fact that currently we have clients we from 14 different countries, this seems to confirm. I wish I could recommend others, but not all, a result similar to one.

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